A Travelers Guide on How to Prevent Bed Bugs


All of us understand how disturbing and horrible bed bugs could be. They certainly will be extremely hard to eliminate and trigger panic and stress. No matter where you go to enjoy a great trip they appear to invade every part of our planet and they like to travel themselves – the reason why professional pest control service providers are everywhere, too. In order to never get bed bugs the important thing is focusing on and determining how to find and avoid them. This bed bug avoidance article demonstrates a few of the simple precautions to consider just how to deal with your baggage upon arrival at resorts and when you are coming home.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Clearly, in order to avoid bed bugs you have to understand what they are and just how to recognize them. The primary methods to determine when there is a bed bug issue is by searching bed seams and the mattress for dark specks that appear to resemble pepper flakes. These are a certain indication and are bed bug excrement which means that there’s a bed pest existence. Bed bugs are somewhat smooth having a minor elliptical form and have a reddish brown color. They’re often no larger than an apple seed in dimensions.

HVAC Duct Cleaning: DIY vs Professional Services


Hardly does the phrase “HVAC duct cleaning” gets a mention nowadays without the word DIY swiftly springing into mind. As home-owners, we have been gradually programmed to believe that every repair, renovation or cleaning need in our homes can be tackled easily through DIY procedures. Truth of the matter is, these procedures are highly encouraged, and primarily so for the very reason that they are a perfect cost-cutting measures when it comes to having your home cleaned. However, the question most of us are yet to settle is in regards to the extent to which we should rely on the procedures, especially when it comes to sensitive cleaning needs such as duct cleaning or cleaning your furnace. This article aims to unravel that question by examining reasonable comparisons between DIY furnace and duct cleaning and hiring professional services for the same.

Intensity of the Procedure

Now, let us begin easy by examining how labor-intensive a typical duct cleaning procedure is. Every day, millions of Canadians in every part of the country, from Vancouver in the west to Toronto in the east and Winnipeg in the middle of the country, are faced with myriad challenges ranging from career, social life and family life. Therefore, it is only logical that home-owners will not find extra time to spare for a labor-intensive task such as duct cleaning. Where does that leave everyone? A professional duct cleaning specialist is therefore the next best alternative.